A Stone’s Throw
            a collection of stones connecting people and places through earth material (2017)
         made from stones, sterling silver, silk, linen and cotton fibres. printed booklet.

Deriving from a wish to mend a world that seemed to be cracking across its continental plates, A Stone’s Throw is an archive, a jewellery collection or an installation, that aims to tie the ground together.
33 rocks collected on journeys around the world, carried to London via different routes and for various reasons. Most of these stones are considered unprecious in the sense of economic trade; they are picked up directly off the ground, and all of them are distinct to the location where they were found. The collections were made through announcement and word of mouth, and engaged about 20 individuals.

The pieces are named and marked only with the coordinates of the place where the stones were found, subtly acknowledging stories of travels and global connections. The pieces and the catalogue discusses the use of categorisations and explores methods of geographical and social mapping. The underlying message is a statement; urging that true value lies the freedom to cross borders.

A Stone’s Throw; Catalogue

A geographical overview of origin, each pink dot representing a stone

Project archive

A Stone’s Throw; Installation

Photography: Daniel Keys & Anna Tuhus
Models: Davinya Cooper, Gabriella Mika Goldsmith, Agata Kaliciecka, Wen Ju Tseng

A Stone's Throw was my Degree Collection from the BA Jewellery Design Programme at Central Saint Martins. It was selected for the exhibition Creative Unions in the Lethaby Gallery, and was nominated for the MullenLowe Nova Awards. Pieces from the collection has been displayed at the Marzee Graduate Show in Nijmegen, Sieraden at Museum Het Valkhof and at The Goldsmith Centre, London.