a prototype for a 21st century tiara for the French jewellery house Chaumet (2016)
         selected for Interior Splendours Exhibitions in Beijing by Chaumet x CSM.

Floralia was made for the collaboration between the luxury French jewellers Maison Chaumet and the Jewellery Design Programmes at Central Saint Martins; The brief asked for a Tiara Design that would bring Chaumet's heritage into the 21st century.
Floralia was awarded as Runner Up in the competition, and a prototype of the design was exhibited at the launch of the Imperial Splendours, Chaumet's exhibition in The Forbidden City, Beijing.

Since the foundation in 1780’s Paris, Maison Chaumet has told love stories, embraced sensations of affection in fashionable creations. To create a chapter of a new love story, write playfully and bold like cherry blossoms in spring time; asymmetrical & versatile - with shapes of independence & freedom & joie de vivre, bound together in a new version of a flower crown.

Model & photo editor: Palina Adriana

Imperial Splendours Exhibition Opening - Chaumet world event Beijing

Floralia tiara was exhibited at the opening of Imperial Splendours at Rosewood Hotel, Beijing,
Photos by Chaumet & Tatler Asia