Tiles for Limburg
            interior jewels inspired by the cross-border region of Limburg (2017)
           made from charcoal bound in epoxy resin, cherry wood; exhibited at Ludwig Forum Achen.

A room as the space inside four walls; A place to eat in and sleep in, to
play in and work in, a place to be alone, or to be together; A place for life to take place.
An interior design jewel should embellish this area, yet leave space for life to take place. As interior jewels, the Tiles for Limburg dresses the room in a floral pattern, without obstructing the movement of the people who inhabits it.

Limburg is a province crossing the borders of three countries, that through centuries have connected to other regions by roads and railways, much due to trade. The choice of materials for the Tiles For Limburg celebrates two of the region's major products of export; fruit growing areas are represented by the cherry wood, and the historically important coal industry, by the charcoal inlays.
The floral pattern on the four tile designs is engraved into the wood with laser, and the pattern is filled with powdered charcoal in a resin mixture.

The Tiles For Limburg was the winning design proposal in the Cross Border Design Contest; an initiative by Connect Limburg, Leolux, Mosa Tiles and MAFAD. The brief was asking for an "interior design jewel", to represent the "DNA of Limburg".
One square meter of the tiles have been exhibited at the LuForm exhibition at Ludwig Forum in Aachen (DE), and at Muze Cultural Centre in Heusden-Zolder (BE).